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Mission Statement

Mills & Mills LLP was founded in 1884 on the fundamental principle of providing every client with excellent legal services. In addition to providing excellent legal services, we strive to be a firm that actively participates in promoting and recognizing diversity, equity, and inclusion amongst the members of our firm and the community we serve.

We are committed to:

  • fostering a diverse and inclusive culture that recognizes and celebrates the unique talents, backgrounds, and experiences of all our team members.
  • listening, learning, advocating, and acting in a way that positively and respectfully moves us forward as a firm.
  • engaging in fair practices in recruitment, retention, advancement, and mentorship of our team members to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed, to have their voice heard, and to have their concerns addressed.
  • critically evaluating our practices, culture, and actions with a view to eliminating all forms of discrimination, including but not limited to prejudice, racism, sexism, and unconscious bias in the workplace.

We believe that by establishing ourselves as a firm that reflects and respects the diversity and multiculturalism of Toronto and of Canada, we will be able to offer and provide unique problem-solving, innovative strategies, and meaningful advocacy for our clients.

At Mills & Mills, we are guided by our firm values of “Integrity, Competence, Initiative, Cooperation, Respect and Care”. Our goal is to create and maintain a work environment that supports, recognizes, and appreciates each individual member of our firm and their contributions, so that all of us are proud to be part of the Mills & Mills LLP team.

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“Mills & Mills LLP has a long and rich history of providing excellent legal service built on the strength of our diverse team of lawyers and staff. I believe that the work of our Diversity & Inclusion Committee is an important part of ensuring we continue that tradition long into the future.”

David Mills, Managing Partner

“I was pleased to assist in forming the Diversity & Inclusion Committee at Mills & Mills LLP as I believe it is important that the leadership of our firm reflects the diversity of our city and of our country. In diversity there is strength and all organizations need to take active steps to ensure they are fostering and promoting a culture that allows all to succeed and thrive.”

Richard Worsfold, Partner and Chair of the Diversity & Inclusion Committee

“Establishing an inclusive environment from within ensures success for our firm and our community at large. It inspires strong leadership at our firm, diversified recruitment, and the continued provision of valuable legal services.”

Reshma Kishnani, Senior Associate

“Diversity & Inclusion are core values to myself as well as our profession, and I want to continue the important conversations about how we can help both within out firm and throughout our community. I am pleased that Mills & Mills LLP is leading the way in moving towards a more diverse and inclusive future.”

Zachary Silverberg, Associate

“I joined the Diversity & Inclusion Committee so that I could be a part of something that would give a voice to those that felt they had none. It’s important that each of us do our part because movement as a whole is much louder than that of one person.”

Sandra Santibanez-Espinosa, Legal Assistant

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