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Bridget received her Juris Doctor from Western Law in 2018. Prior to entering law school, Bridget received her Honours Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Criminology from Western University.  While in law school, Bridget completed an internship in alternative dispute resolution through the Dispute Resolution Centre, which allowed her to mediate disputes in the community. In her final year, Bridget was employed as the Family Law Project Coordinator. She volunteered as a Staff Editor of the Western Journal of Legal Studies, with a Family Court Support Worker to support victims of domestic violence through the family court process and was a Caseworker at Community Legal Services. Outside of her academic life, Bridget was the President of the school’s wine society, In Vino Veritas. In her spare time, Bridget can be found with her wheaten terrier or planning her next scuba diving vacation.

Tanya Kuzman Tanya Kuzman, Articling Student 416­-682-7076, Email

Tanya Kuzman obtained her Juris Doctor from Osgoode Hall Law School in 2018. During her time in law school, Tanya served as a Senior Editor of the Osgoode Hall Law Journal and enriched her studies by enrolling in the Litigation, Dispute Resolution and Administration of Justice curricular stream. Prior to entering law school, Tanya completed a Masters in Political Science at the University of Toronto and obtained an Honours Bachelor of Arts in History and Political Science from McMaster University. Tanya has worked at all three levels of government including Toronto City Hall, the Ontario Legislature and the House of Commons. Tanya is published in both The Journal of Parliamentary and Political Law and The Canadian Political Science Review. In her spare time, you can usually find Tanya at the theatre, watching Question Period or playing her guitar.

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When explaining the purpose of various clauses in clients’ Wills with them, one clause that always seems to peak clients’ interest is the “Community of Property” clause. Essentially, this clause can help protect a beneficiary’s property from ending up in the hands of that beneficiary’s ex-spouse. This is understandably an important consideration for many clients…

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Three-month interest
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Many mortgagees will add a three-month interest penalty to their Discharge Statements delivered to mortgagors who are in default. Frequently those mortgagees will also deduct the three months’ interest penalty from proceeds of sale even if they are the ones who have caused the property to be sold by Power of Sale. Their entitlement to…

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The Better Local Government Act
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The August 14th passage of The Better Local Government Act (the “Act”), which reduces the number of wards for Toronto’s October Municipal election from 47 to 25 , triggered a cacophony of legal discourse concerning the impact of the legislation on municipal representation. On August 31st, several members of Mills & Mills LLP attended the…

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