Susan E. Mumford

LegalShield Associate

Susan joined Mills & Mills LLP in 2001 as a LegalShield Associate.
She has a background in the performing arts and has been involved in local municipal and school organizations in Toronto.
Susan’s previous experience in law was in administrative law and civil litigation. During her time at Mills & Mills LLP, Susan has focused on social justice issues.
A lot of the work Susan does involves helping people find remedies for problems they experience in their day to day life either as consumers or with government. Although the problems she helps people solve may be financially minor in the general scheme of things (in that they wouldn’t necessarily make it financially viable to hire a lawyer on a traditional hourly fee basis), she finds it very satisfying to help people resolve issues that are impacting their life.

Year of Call
Bachelor of Education, Queen’s University, 1985
Bachelor of Music, Queen’s University, 1986
LL.B., University of Saskatchewan, 1992
Memberships & Affiliations

Law Society of Ontario


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