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When legal disputes arise, a courtroom is not always the best place to resolve them. Depending on the nature of the matter at hand, it may be beneficial, more cost-effective and more efficient to explore other options, including mediation.

What Is Mediation?

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution – a way to resolve disputes outside of a courtroom, in a confidential and less formal setting.

During mediation, the parties discuss their dispute with a specially trained and neutral third party, the mediator, who assists the parties in coming to a mutually agreeable solution. Agreements reached in mediation are legally binding.

What Are Some Benefits of Mediation?

Where appropriate, mediation is beneficial for a number of reasons:

  • It is generally less expensive and more efficient than addressing matters through trial or other continued litigation;
  • it allows the parties to retain control over the resolution of the dispute by playing an active role in crafting the terms of settlement; and
  • it is confidential with no public record of the mediation proceedings.

Mandatory Mediation in Ontario

In Toronto, Ottawa, and Windsor, certain civil actions as well as contested estatestrusts, and substitute decision matters are subject to mandatory mediation.

In this process, cases are often referred to mediation early in the litigation process. This is intended to provide the parties with an opportunity to explore settlement options and to hopefully resolve the dispute without the matter having to go to trial.

How Can Mills & Mills LLP Help?

At Mills & Mills LLP, we rely on more than 130 years of experience across a wide range of practice areas. We rely on this in-depth and multi-disciplinary experience to provide exceptional mediation services for our clients.

Our partners, David Mills, Richard Worsfold, and David Lees are skilled mediators offering their exceptional services to individuals and counsel in Toronto and beyond. We are proud of the proactive approach to mediation that we take, providing constructive views with respect to the case and any potential challenges that may arise with proceeding to trial rather than mediation.

We regularly represent clients in mediations involving the following issues:

Our office has a newly renovated conference centre featuring bright and modern boardrooms, break-out rooms and catering facilities, offering a comfortable, secure location for mediations.

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