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Clients most often seek out the services of a family law professional at the beginning or the end of a relationship. The family law group at Mills & Mills LLP is highly skilled in all aspects of family law, from the creation of cohabitation or marriage agreements, to providing advice and advocacy during a separation and divorce.

Our lawyers are particularly adept at simplifying complicated financial and business structures, whether planning for the protection of complex assets in a marriage agreement or extricating parties from a joint business venture as part of a divorce.

Family Law Contracts and Agreements

Our family lawyers are skilled at reviewing, negotiating and drafting marriage contracts and cohabitation agreements. While some may feel uncomfortable with the idea of setting out an agreement at the beginning of a relationship, it may be important for the protection of both parties, whether the assets and other considerations involved are relatively straightforward or highly complex. Should the relationship come to an end, these matters can become contentious, and taking the time to plan at the outset can save untold cost, stress and time later on.

Divorce and Separation Considerations

The breakdown of a relationship is difficult for all parties. This is compounded when factoring in the numerous decisions that lay ahead with respect to the division of assets, support, matrimonial home considerations and child custody and access issues. Our lawyers use their considerable expertise to guide and advise clients through these decisions with compassion and professionalism.

Our lawyers work with clients on a comprehensive plan for their separation and divorce, negotiating all relevant factors with the other party in an effort to eliminate the need to engage in costly and time-consuming litigation.

Our family lawyers advise and advocate for their clients on multiple issues, including:

Disclosure of Assets and Hidden Assets

The disclosure of assets is an important factor in nearly all family law matters. Failure to disclose finances and assets can lead undesirable and costly consequences being imposed by the court. In situations where the other party appears less than forthright with respect to their own disclosure, our lawyers can do everything possible to uncover hidden assets, and may engage the assistance of experts where necessary. Disclosure of assets may be a relatively straightforward process, or it can be complicated by the existence of trust arrangements, business holdings and more. Our lawyers are experienced in navigating these situations, and will work with our clients each step of the way, no matter how simple or complex his or her particular circumstances are.

Real Estate, Business and Estate Considerations during Divorce

Our family law lawyers have the benefit of their colleagues’ experience in related areas of law, and as such can advise their family clients on matters related to divorce, such as the rearrangement of complex business holdings, variations to estate plans, and assorted real estate transactions.

The lawyers at Mills & Mills LLP work to find solutions that work for their clients and their clients’ families. We always prefer to minimize costs and preserve family relationships by resolving matters through negotiation or mediation, but if court is unavoidable we will vigorously defend our clients’ interests through litigation.

Contact the Family Lawyers at Mills & Mills LLP

For more information on the services provided by our experienced family law lawyers, please contact Mills & Mills LLP at 416­-863-0125 or send us an email.

Family Law Testimonials

It was great meeting you and working with you as well. I consider myself lucky that you were not only my lawyer but also a nice person and easy to get along with. It made the process a lot smoother.

— Paul

Thanks again. You have been exceedingly professional, compassionate and accommodating throughout what was a very difficult transition for me. I am grateful to have been connected with you.

— O.B.

It was a tough couple of years and I want you to know that I would not have made it without you. You are truly gifted in your chosen profession and it was your patience and empathy that kept my head level and my outlook (semi-)optimistic many, many times!

— K.L.

I just want to say on behalf of my mom as well thank you so much for all that you have done for us throughout this ordeal...You have made this stressful situation very seamless and I am truly grateful…Thanks again.

— J.B.

I … want you to know that I appreciate you understanding me, listening to my concerns, answering my questions and making me feel my case was extremely important to you regardless of the newness of the file for you. For all of those reasons, I thank you.

— Anonymous

Family Law Lawyers

  • Kristen L. Woods

    Kristen L. Woods


    Kristen served her articles with Mills & Mills LLP and was invited to join the firm as an associate in 2010. Kristen practices exclusively in family law. In her family law practice, Kristen negotiates...

    416-682-7116 | Email
  • Toni E. Wharton

    Toni E. Wharton


    Toni was called to the Bar of England & Wales in 2003, and practiced as a family law barrister in the UK until she moved to Toronto in 2012. She was called to the Ontario Bar in 2013. Toni article...

    416-682-7121 | Email
  • Doug Beamish

    Doug Beamish


    Doug is a family law and estate litigation lawyer and he joins us as counsel. He has over 35 years’ experience and expertise in all aspects of family law and divorce, including issues involving prop...

    416-682-7149 | Email
  • Victoria Craig

    Victoria Craig


    Victoria joined Mills & Mills LLP as an articling student in 2016 and returned as an associate in 2017. Victoria represents clients in all areas of family law, including child custody, access, chi...

    416-682-7053 | Email
  • Patricia N. Gordon

    Patricia N. Gordon


    Patricia articled with the firm and returned as an associate in 2015. Patricia completed her J.D. at the University of Western Ontario in 2014. Prior to receiving her law degree, she completed ...

    416-682-7146 | Email
  • Gillian Patricia Hayes

    Gillian Patricia Hayes


    Gillian assists clients in all areas of family law including separation, divorce, custody and access issues, child support, spousal support, domestic contracts, and child protection matters. As a trai...

    416-682-7060 | Email

For over 130 years, Mills & Mills LLP has earned a reputation amongst our peers and clients for quality of service and breadth of knowledge. To learn more about our services and how we can put our knowledge to work for you, call us at 416-863-0125 or send us an email.

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