But, I want to keep the House!!!

Negotiation is integral to resolving issues after a separation. When it comes to jointly-owned homes, successful negotiation may be the only path that enables one spouse/partner to keep the home. The Ontario Court of Appeal has held that the court does not have jurisdiction to order that one spouse convey his or her interest to…

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Undue influence and testamentary fraud: both sides of the coin

Our partner, Richard Wolsfold, and associate, Tara Vasdani, recently discussed the difficulties in making a case of undue influence to invalidate a will.  Read the full Lawyer’s Weekly article here. At Mills & Mills LLP, our lawyers have been advising clients on a wide range of wills, estates and trusts matters and related litigation for over 130 years. We have earned a…

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Common Trust Issues

One of the first steps in our estate planning process is meeting with clients to obtain instructions for their Wills and Powers of Attorney. Part of this meeting entails clients telling us what it is they want to achieve and us explaining how this can be accomplished (or why it cannot be accomplished as the case may be). …

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Judge says AI could have been used to reduce legal fees

Our associate, Tara Vasdani, recently discussed whether artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to streamline legal services. Read more about Tara’s  thoughts regarding a recent Ontario court decision and her own practice experience here. At Mills & Mills LLP, our  lawyers regularly help clients with a wide range of legal matters and litigation including business law, family law,…

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Corporate Records and Family Owned Businesses

We often hear from clients: why do I need to worry about my corporate records?  I’m a family-owned business- no one else cares! From a short-term and selfish perspective, you may well be right.  However, this point of view lacks an important longer-term perspective on both corporate/business growth and resulting exit possibilities. Depending on the…

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What You Need to Know About Becoming an Authorized Cannabis Retailer in Ontario

The following are some of the matters you need to consider and understand about licensing, authorization and operating a cannabis retail store in the Province of Ontario.  Your trusted legal advisor can assist you with the applications process, business start-up, legal issues relating to ongoing business activities, as well as regulatory and compliance matters. On…

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Where Ford government’s Bill 47, a.k.a. Bill 148 repeal, is taking us

Our associate, Tara Vasdani, recently outlined the provincial government’s newly introduced employment bill in Lawyer’s Daily. Read Tara’s full article “Where Ford government’s Bill 47, a.k.a. Bill 148 repeal, is taking us” here. At Mills & Mills LLP, our Toronto employment law lawyers regularly help both employees and employers with a wide range of workplace issues. For over 130 years,…

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Gap widens between available workforce and available workflow

Our associate, Tara Vasdani, recently contributed an article to Lawyer’s Daily. Read Tara’s article here: Gap widens between available workforce and available workflow. At Mills & Mills LLP, our Toronto employment law lawyers regularly help both employees and employers with a wide range of workplace issues. For over 130 years, we have earned a reputation amongst…

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