Managing Legal Fees in your Family Law Matter

One of the most common concerns of family law clients is how they can keep their legal fees manageable. Here are some simple ways that clients can work with their lawyers to reduce fees: One of the most common ways that clients incur fees is in the process of disclosure. This is when your lawyer…

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But, I want to keep the House!!!

Negotiation is integral to resolving issues after a separation. When it comes to jointly-owned homes, successful negotiation may be the only path that enables one spouse/partner to keep the home. The Ontario Court of Appeal has held that the court does not have jurisdiction to order that one spouse convey his or her interest to…

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Are common law couples really ‘the same as married’? Part 2 of our commonly misunderstood family law concepts series

One of the most common misconceptions in family law is that a couple who has lived together for a lengthy period without getting married, often referred to as common law spouses, is ‘the same as married’. The law in Ontario draws significant distinction between married and unmarried couples, most significantly in terms of property division.…

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I owe how much spousal support?

One of the most common questions family lawyers get when newly-separated clients walk through our office door is “so how much support do I have to pay them?” or on the flip side, “how much support am I going to get?” As with most legal questions, the answer is often “well, it depends”. Before determining…

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When Can a Divorce be Severed?

Rule 12(6) of the Family Law Rules allows a court to make an order splitting a divorce from the other issues in a case if neither spouse will be disadvantaged and reasonable arrangements have been made for the support of any children of the marriage. The case law on when a divorce can be severed…

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