Status Certificates and Their Importance

Many first-time home-buyers are electing to make a condominium their first home purchase. The burgeoning condo market of Toronto, coupled with ever-increasing prices for homes, may signal a shift that the strong condo market is here to stay.  One of the most important factors in the due diligence stage of purchasing a condo for every…

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The Quality of Title and Adverse Possession

In Ontario, there are two land title registration systems: one under the Registry Act and the other under the Land Titles Act.  We commonly associate the former with paper deeds and other title documents, and the latter with electronically recorded title documents.  Around the year 2000, the Province of Ontario began the administrative process of…

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Dealing With a Deceased Homeowner’s Interests

When a homeowner dies and there is no co-owner with a right of survivorship, then the ownership interests of the deceased will be determined by the laws dealing with Estates. If the deceased left a valid Will, then his interests would be dealt with in accordance with the instructions found in the Will. If the…

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What Happens When a Homeowner Dies?

When a person dies while still owning real property, one of several things can happen, depending on how that person held title to the property. Joint Tenancy When two or more people hold title to a property as joint tenants and one of the owners dies, the remaining owners then become all the owners of…

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Know thy Neighbour

When acting for a purchaser of a house, a lawyer must keep in mind the need for investigating title to properties adjacent to the property being purchased. There are two main reasons for this: 1) Planning Act (Ontario) compliance; and 2) easements. The Planning Act (Ontario) is provincial legislation that contains provisions regulating the transfer…

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First Time Homebuyers Beware: Things to Consider Before Withdrawing From Your RRSP

First time homebuyers beware – withdrawals from your registered retirement savings plan (RRSP) may be taxable. A recent Toronto news article described a situation in which a first time homebuyer withdrew money from her RRSP’s without first declaring to her bank that she was a first time homebuyer – she received a $5,000 tax bill. To avoid making the…

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What Not To Do When Selling Your House

There are many things to do when preparing to sell your home. Once you have an Agreement of Purchase and Sale signed, and a firm closing date, you should then start making arrangements with your local utility companies to have final readings taken on the day of closing, and to have final accounts sent to…

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