Judge Rules Member Addresses Includes Email Addresses

Toronto jazz radio station Jazz.FM 91 was recently before Justice Dunphy of the Ontario Superior Court on a narrow but interesting issue: does the Corporations Act, S.O. 1990, c. C.38 (the “Act”) require an organization to disclose the email addresses and phone numbers of its members? Subsection 300(1) of the Act requires that corporations, including corporations…

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Corporate Records and Family Owned Businesses

We often hear from clients: why do I need to worry about my corporate records?  I’m a family-owned business- no one else cares! From a short-term and selfish perspective, you may well be right.  However, this point of view lacks an important longer-term perspective on both corporate/business growth and resulting exit possibilities. Depending on the…

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What You Need to Know About Becoming an Authorized Cannabis Retailer in Ontario

The following are some of the matters you need to consider and understand about licensing, authorization and operating a cannabis retail store in the Province of Ontario.  Your trusted legal advisor can assist you with the applications process, business start-up, legal issues relating to ongoing business activities, as well as regulatory and compliance matters. On…

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What to Consider When Buying a Business

Whether you are seeking to buy a services, manufacturing, or other type of business, there are many issues that you should consider when structuring and negotiating the terms of the transaction. Buying a business can be an overwhelming experience, especially for the first time buyer.  However, even experienced business purchasers can sometimes miss the red…

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Understanding Indemnity Provisions in Commercial Agreements

Indemnity provisions are an essential tool in the allocation of risk in commercial agreements. Often, indemnity provisions can be overlooked or misunderstood which can belay the effect of any intended risk allocation and also give rise to unintended consequences or, in the event of a dispute, inconsistent interpretations by courts and arbitrators. This blog post…

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Thinking about buying a franchise? Know your legal risks and obligations before making that purchase! 

Buying a franchise, in particular, a franchise of a reputable and established system can be a substantial investment.  Not only are you investing your hard-earned money, you are contributing sweat equity too. You may already know that franchising involves a franchisor granting a licence or right to a franchisee to carry on certain business activities…

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Enforceability of Standard Form Contracts 

It is a common misconception that contracts of adhesion are unenforceable. Contracts of adhesion, also referred to as standard form contracts, are most often used in commercial contexts. These contracts are usually presented to consumers on a ‘take it or leave it’ basis whereby the non-drafting party does not have an opportunity to negotiate the…

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