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Mills & Mills LLP’s information technology law practice provides cost effective, cutting-edge legal support and solutions for business owners and organizations specializing in software and technology products and services. Our group provides a full range of e-commerce related services including IT specific privacy policies, terms of use and transactional agreements relating to website and application development, procurement and operation.

Technology and Software Contracting

Our business law lawyers represent and assist vendors of specialized software products, solutions, and services with all aspects of industry specific IT contracting drafting, review and negotiation. We have expertise in all areas and aspects of information technology focused transactions and relationships including:

  • managed cloud services
  • cross-platform data collection and management
  • software development and licensing
  • configuration and integration
  • website and application development and deployment
  • terms of service and privacy policies
  • master services agreements and SOWs
  • consulting services
  • chatbot development, deployment and support
  • support service level agreements
  • reseller agreements
  • government procurement and sales

Our lawyers use clear, business-focused language in drafting transactional agreements including software development, software as a service (SaaS), subscription agreements, master service agreements and statements of work (SOWs), licensing, online e-commerce agreements, and terms of use for website and application-based businesses and organizations.

Our intellectual property law lawyers will help protect your valuable proprietary IP assets in the contractual context.


Our privacy lawyers specialize in all areas of data privacy, data security and protection; and the laws that relate specifically to technology and internet-based businesses and organizations. This includes everything concerning the collection, use, transfer, disclosure and storage of personally identifiable information and related personal data.

We draft agreements, policies and terms of use that help technology service providers and Internet-based e-commerce and other businesses comply with Canadian privacy and anti-spam legislation as well as EU and U.S. privacy laws. We assist with:

  • Internet-related privacy issues and policies involving the collection, use and sharing of personal information, consent, data anonymization, aggregation and other strategies to comply with data privacy laws and regulations.
  • Cross-border issues including the rules which relate to transferring data outside of Canada.
  • Relevant legislation including the Consumer Privacy Protection Act (CPPA), the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), provincial privacy legislation, the European Union’s GDPR, and U.S. based privacy legislation.
  • Policies and practices dealing with data security, encryption, data breach responses, reporting and other statutory notification obligations.

Corporate/Commercial Law

Our corporate/commercial and business law group represents and advises software and other technology companies on all legal matters, and provides practical, cost-effective services and advice focusing on clients’ technology specific corporate needs and issues. Our IT lawyers support our corporate and commercial group with corporate creation and organization, shareholder agreements, compensation plans, financings, mergers and acquisitions, NDAs, Independent contractor agreements, distribution, supplier and other transactional agreements.

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