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Design law is the dynamic and continually evolving body of business law that governs creative professionals, from sole proprietorships to large firms. At Mills & Mills LLP, we act for a wide range of clients in the creative field, including interior designers, website and graphic designers, architects, landscape architects, fashion designers, illustrators and other creative professionals.

Running a creative design business is not like most other businesses; the product offered is creative output and, over time, creative design businesses have developed special regulatory processes and practices to deal with the unique issues surrounding the creative process. This is also a rapidly evolving area of work that demands adaptability – more so than many other fields. Similarly, design law is also constantly evolving and requires lawyers who are able to change and adapt to fit the needs of their clients.

Protect your Intellectual Property – Trademarks and Copyrights

Your Toronto design law lawyer will be your adviser in all issues pertaining to your business. We tackle the unique needs of designers and design companies, including intellectual property matters such as trademarks and copyrights. We can help you manage the legal processes involved in protecting your creative product from copyright infringement and other forms of exploitation under intellectual property law and practice in Ontario and elsewhere in Canada.

Support from a Full Service Law Firm

To provide comprehensive service, your lawyer may solicit support from lawyers working in our other areas of practice, including:

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