Business Contracts & Agreements

Running a business inherently establishes an ongoing need for the creation and execution of multiple types of contracts and other documentation. Our clients value the experience and keen eye for detail that the business lawyers at Mills & Mills LLP bring to drafting these documents, with the goal of protecting our clients’ interests, and limiting their liability. We are also familiar with the many methods that can be used to minimize liability under a contract, and so we build safeguards into our documents that anticipate these scenarios.

Contract Drafting by Skilled Business Lawyers

We advise clients with respect to a host of business contracts and agreements, creating custom documents that are tailored to their unique circumstances. Our lawyers emphasize clarity of language in their agreements by using plain language and minimizing legalese as much as possible, in an effort to minimize ambiguity, and reduce the likelihood of future litigation.

Of course, sometimes litigation is unavoidable, and should a dispute arise, our lawyers are skilled at defending the enforceability of their contracts in court.

Contract Review & Advice

When our clients are presented with contracts for signature that our lawyers have not drafted, we will meticulously review these documents with our clients prior to signing in order to ensure that the terms and conditions are agreeable and that our clients’ interests are adequately protected.

We assist clients by reviewing and drafting an array of business documents, including but not limited to:

  • Employment Contracts, including offers of employment and employment policy manuals
  • Stock Option Plans
  • Shareholder and Unanimous Shareholder Agreements
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Independent Contractor Agreements/Consulting Agreements
  • Franchise Agreements and Disclosure Documents
  • Distribution Agreements/Supply Agreements
  • Intellectual Property contracts, including trademark, copyright and licensing agreements
  • Master Service Agreements and Statements of Work
  • Joint Venture Agreements

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