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Whether the company in question is a small business or a large multi-national corporation, the essential duties of an employer remain consistent. Ensuring protection of employee rights and compliance with the law must be balanced with the interests of the company and limiting the employer’s liability.

While these requirements are universal, companies that employ a large number of employees will have unique considerations in how those duties are carried out. Our employment lawyers have extensive experience working with clients that have hundreds or thousands of employees spread across the provinces and international borders, and we are acutely aware of and able to assist with legal considerations that are particular to companies of this size.

At Mills & Mills LLP, our team of dedicated professionals has decades of experience dealing with a comprehensive range array of employment issues, and can provide advice, draft documents and agreements, and represent clients in litigation when necessary. Our goal is to help our clients limit their exposure to liability by providing practical legal advice and service of the highest quality.

We provide employers with advice on a host of employment issues, including:

  • Drug testing
  • Workplace violence
  • Hostile work environments
  • Human rights violations
  • Employment standards
  • Pensions, benefits and disability
  • Pay equity
  • Employment insurance
  • Pregnancy and parental leave
  • Occupational health and safety
  • The effect of the purchase and sale of a business on employees
  • Workplace investigations
  • Recruitment and retention practices and procedures
  • Harassment, including racial and sexual harassment
  • Discrimination, including discrimination based on age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, family and medical leave, failure to accommodate and retaliation
  • Privacy policies and practices

We also provide an array of services to employers, such as:

  • Reviewing, drafting and negotiating employment contracts
  • Drafting policies
  • Advising with respect to an employers’ rights and obligations surrounding the issue of termination
  • Representation in court or mediation

Our clients trust that the contracts that they rely on will be enforceable, and that the advice we provide ensures they are in step with the current state of the law. Employment law is ever-changing, and our lawyers are committed to staying informed of the latest developments so that we can advise our clients accurately, efficiently, and with certainty. Further, because we represent both employers and employees, we have the benefit of seeing all sides of the relevant issues and can put that knowledge to work for our clients.

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