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The purchase and sale of residential properties often represent the most financially significant transactions that an individual will be involved in throughout his or her lifetime. Because of this reality, it is important to work with a trusted legal professional who will ensure that your interests are protected at closing, and beyond.

Some law firms treat residential real estate transactions with an assembly-line approach, which risks important details being missed. Details missed at the time of purchase can become significant problems when the property is later sold. The residential real estate lawyers at Mills & Mills LLP have over 130 years of experience to draw upon, and are committed to providing their clients with personal, individualized service.

Whether you are buying or selling a home, or financing or refinancing a residential mortgage, we can answer your questions and deal with any legal challenges as they arise. We will work to protect you from future legal troubles related to your property through careful investigation and examination of all aspects of your real estate transaction.

Transactions involving properties such as cottages, farms, condominiums and vacation properties involve special considerations that our lawyers will navigate to ensure that the closing runs smoothly.

First-Time Buyers, Condominium Purchases & Landlord-Tenant Issues

Buying your first home is exciting, but it can also be an overwhelming experience. As your legal advisor, your lawyer will guide you through the process, explaining your rights and obligations and putting your interests first. We will perform all necessary searches, ensure clear and good title to your home, and advise you of any important information about your new property. We will also make sure that you, as a first-time homebuyer, will have the benefit of all available rebates of Land Transfer Tax.

Residential condominium purchases can be challenging as well, even for experienced homebuyers. We can review your condominium documents and advise you as to the specific details of your deal. We can also negotiate additional terms to your agreement of purchase and sale if necessary to protect your interests.

Our real estate lawyers can assist with landlord-tenant disputes, advising you on your rights as a landlord or a tenant. We will also help you to enforce those rights through litigation, if necessary.

In addition to the above, our experienced lawyers can assist with the following:

  • Titles searches and title examinations
  • Mortgages
  • Easements
  • Disputes, including neighbour disputes
  • Family and Estate Transactions

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Residential Real Estate Lawyers

  • Patrick P. Shing

    Patrick P. Shing


    Patrick completed his articles at Mills & Mills LLP, and was invited to join the firm as an Associate. In addition to real estate law, Patrick’s legal practice has included commercial litigation...

    416-682-7054 | Email
  • Paul J. Westlake

    Paul J. Westlake


    Paul served his articles with Mills & Mills and joined the firm in 1975. He became a partner in 1981. Paul advises business clients on all aspects of their operations including incorporations, acquisi...

    416-682-7118 | Email
  • Gordon A. Ullman

    Gordon A. Ullman


    Gordon received his undergraduate degree from Yale University and then obtained his Bachelor of Law from the University of Western Ontario. He was called to the Ontario. Bar in 1984. Gordon practic...

    416-682-7078 | Email
  • Tejpaul Grewal

    Tejpaul Grewal


    Tejpaul earned his bachelor of arts from York University in 2009, specializing in urban and land use planning. He continued his studies by graduating with a bachelor of laws from the University of Lei...

    416-682-7055 | Email
  • R. Browning Watt, Q.C.

    R. Browning Watt, Q.C.

    In Association

    R. Browning (Roly) has been working in association with Mills & Mills LLP since 2004. In this capacity, Roly works closely with many members of the firm in the areas of estate planning and administrat...

    416-863-0125 | Email


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