Experienced Estate Administrators assisting with Asset and Estate Management

The role of estate administrator/trustee can be very time-consuming and challenging. The process of disposing of an estate typically takes at least one full calendar year, and includes the settling of any debts of the estate, disposing of or transferring property belonging to the estate, and the distribution of assets under the Will. The estate trustee is also responsible for filing income taxes and obtaining a tax clearance certificate from Revenue Canada.

When the assets of the estate are complex or the Will is contested, the process can become overwhelming. Further, liability can become a factor for anyone appointed to this position, as even the most well-intentioned person can make costly mistakes. Accordingly, sometimes clients choose not to burden their loved ones with this responsibility and prefer to turn to a trusted legal advisor with significant experience in estate administration instead.

Clients often turn to Mills & Mills LLP for this reason, and our lawyers are capable and ready to serve in this capacity. In this role, we can administer our clients’ estates on a long-term basis, performing all of the required duties and navigating any complications that arise. Frequently, those who are appointed to this role are loved ones of the deceased who are not familiar with the responsibilities involved. As a result, they often require extensive consultation with our team of professionals throughout the process, particularly when faced with highly complex estates. Due to our extensive experience in this area, we are familiar with the steps required, and are able to carry them out efficiently.

Trusted and Dependable Estate Trustee Advisors

Often people who come to our firm in the role of estate trustee will turn to us for assistance in carrying out the responsibilities of the role, particularly in estates involving disagreements amongst beneficiaries, or complex business holdings. Whether this is due to a lack of time or experience, our lawyers have the expertise necessary to relieve the appointed trustees of the day-to-day responsibilities of administering an estate, and provide them with the comfort of knowing that the estate will be administered by experienced professionals.

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If you have estate planning needs that require the appointment of a trusted administrator, or if you seek assistance in your role as an estate trustee, please contact us at 416­-863-0125 or email us.

Estate Trustee Services Lawyers

  • David A.S. Mills

    David A.S. Mills

    Managing Partner

    David is proud to represent the fourth generation of Mills to practice at the firm. He is a great-grandson of Alexander Mills, K.C., one of the founders, grandson of Ralph S. Mills, Q.C., and a son of...

    416-682-7138 | Email
  • Geoffrey R. Cobham

    Geoffrey R. Cobham


    Geoffrey's practice primarily encompasses civil litigation, employment law, estate administration and estate planning. His litigation practice is comprised of several areas, including wrongful dismis...

    416-682-7109 | Email
  • David P. Lees

    David P. Lees


    David served his articles with Mills & Mills LLP and joined the firm in 2001. David has a diverse civil litigation practice which encompasses employment and business law, estate litigation and adv...

    416-682-7159 | Email
  • J. Paul Mills, Q.C.

    J. Paul Mills, Q.C.


    Paul's practice is focused on assisting Estate Trustees with the administration of Estates and acting as Estate Trustee. Paul represents the third generation of lawyers in the Mills family at the f...

    416-682-7110 | Email
  • Paul J. Westlake

    Paul J. Westlake


    Paul served his articles with Mills & Mills and joined the firm in 1975. He became a partner in 1981. Paul advises business clients on all aspects of their operations including incorporations, acquisi...

    416-682-7118 | Email
  • Dave Johnston

    Dave Johnston


    Dave helps his clients by working with them to develop an estate plan tailored to their needs. His practice is devoted to protecting client's estates now, and ensuring their wishes for their loved one...

    416-682-7064 | Email
  • R. Browning Watt, Q.C.

    R. Browning Watt, Q.C.

    In Association

    R. Browning (Roly) has been working in association with Mills & Mills LLP since 2004. In this capacity, Roly works closely with many members of the firm in the areas of estate planning and administrat...

    416-863-0125 | Email


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