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Toronto Estate Planning Lawyers

A comprehensive estate plan is essential in order to ensure that our clients’ loved ones, assets, and business interests are protected in the event of death or incapacity. Mills & Mills LLP has over 130 years of experience in estate planning and we work with our clients to customize a plan that achieves each client’s specific goals.

Our commitment to individualized, professional service assures our clients that their interests are protected, and as a result generations of clients have come to us to serve their estate-planning needs. For four generations, we have been planning estates, and in some cases, can even trace back current clients to relationships established by our founders.

Because we provide continuity of service by maintaining one primary lawyer as our clients’ legal needs evolve, our lawyers develop detailed knowledge and appreciation of their clients’ personal and business interests. As a result, our lawyers are in a unique position to anticipate the needs of our clients, and to work with them to craft an estate plan that properly satisfies those needs. We also advise our clients on the most effective ways to arrange their personal finances and other assets in the present. This allows us to design an estate plan that will best protect those assets and provide the most benefit to their loved ones in the future.

Our Estates Group advises clients on how to most effectively arrange their affairs to avoid ambiguity, unnecessary probate taxes, and litigation.

Where the planning or administration of an estate will benefit from knowledge and experience in other areas of the law, our estate lawyers have the support of the other lawyers in our firm as well as access to accountants and other professionals if necessary.

Cross-Border Estate Planning

We are also able to provide advice and assistance with respect to multi-jurisdictional estate planning. This service is ideal for clients who have cross-border interests that require protection, or estate matters that require administration. Mills & Mills LLP is proud to be a member of the International Lawyers Group, which grants us access to a global network of professionals, whom we know and trust to assist in circumstances where the benefit of local counsel is required.

The Wills and Estates services we offer include:

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