Equalization of Net Family Property in a Divorce

At the end of a marriage, the spouses are required under law to equally share the increase in each party’s net worth accumulated during the marriage. This division of value is referred to as an equalization payment. The full disclosure of assets and liabilities during the calculation of the net family property is key to ensuring that each party is protected and that a fair equalization is achieved. Under the law, certain items may be excluded from this calculation. A key exception to the equalization rule is the matrimonial home, which involves its own unique considerations.

Our family law lawyers have the benefit of decades of experience working with clients to inform them of their rights and obligations with respect to the equalization of assets. We work to review all relevant material with our clients to ensure that a full disclosure of assets is presented, and that exempted items are accounted for and dealt with accordingly. Our lawyers have extensive expertise in the valuation of property, and the consideration of assets that can be excluded from the calculation of net family property.

Dedicated Family Lawyers

Through the use of their considerable skill and the vast resources available to them, our family law team will work to ensure that our clients receive the full equalization of property to which they are entitled. Our lawyers work to provide our clients with personalized attention, and our clients appreciate that we are available to them throughout the divorce process to answer any questions they may have.

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Equalization Lawyers

  • Toni E. Wharton

    Toni E. Wharton


    Toni was called to the Bar of England & Wales in 2003, and practiced as a family law barrister in the UK until she moved to Toronto in 2012. Toni was an associate at a leading boutique family law ...

    416-682-7121 | Email
  • Kristen L. Woods

    Kristen L. Woods


    Kristen practices exclusively in all areas of family law. Kristen negotiates and drafts complex cohabitation and marriage contracts, advises clients with respect to their legal rights for custody and ...

    416-682-7116 | Email
  • Doug Beamish

    Doug Beamish


    Doug is a family law and estate litigation lawyer and he joins us as counsel. He has over 35 years’ experience and expertise in all aspects of family law and divorce, including issues involving prop...

    416-682-7149 | Email
  • Victoria Craig

    Victoria Craig


    Victoria joined Mills & Mills LLP as an articling student in 2016 and returned as an associate in 2017. Victoria represents clients in all areas of family law, including child custody, access, chi...

    416-682-7053 | Email
  • Patricia N. Gordon

    Patricia N. Gordon


    Patricia articled with the firm and returned as an associate in 2015. Patricia completed her J.D. at the University of Western Ontario in 2014. Prior to receiving her law degree, she completed ...

    416-682-7146 | Email
  • Gillian Hayes

    Gillian Hayes


    Gillian assists clients in all areas of family law including separation, divorce, custody and access issues, child support, spousal support, domestic contracts, and child protection matters. As a trai...

    416-682-7060 | Email


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