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At the end of a relationship, where there are children involved, one of the primary concerns is to ensure that the children are provided with adequate care and support. Child support is a complex issue that is influenced by many factors including the Child Support Guidelines and individual custody and access arrangements. The experienced family lawyers at Mills & Mills LLP help our clients navigate through the complexities of determining child support by taking the time to explain all relevant considerations and options. We also make ourselves available to clients when needed in order to answer any questions that they may have.

Section 7 Expenses – “Special Expenses”

As well as child support issues, a child will often have special expenses (otherwise known as section 7 expenses), which need to be addressed by parents. These expenses can cover a variety of costs, such as tuition, extra-curricular activities or childcare.

The family law lawyers at Mills & Mills LLP take the time to explain our clients’ rights and obligations with respect to child support, and work to obtain fair and adequate support awards for the client and their children.

Uncovering Hidden Assets & Income to Ensure a Fair Support Order

The disclosure of assets is an important factor when determining child support awards. Failure to disclose finances and assets can result in undesirable and costly consequences being imposed by the court. In situations where the other party appears less than forthright with respect to their own disclosure, our lawyers can do everything possible to uncover hidden assets and hidden income, and may engage the assistance of experts where necessary.

Changes to Child Support – Variations

Following the initial support order, circumstances often arise that require variation of the original order. For example, the payor’s income could change significantly due to job loss or an increase in salary, or the child may begin post-secondary education. In those situations, we will work to negotiate resolutions with the other party, or apply for orders from the court if necessary.

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