Dedicated Family Lawyers Drafting and Negotiating Separation Agreements

Upon the breakdown of a relationship, a properly drafted separation agreement can help to clarify the rights and obligations of the parties and aid in simplifying the divorce process. Couples can avoid the need for lengthy and costly litigation by coming to an agreement with respect to issues such as support, child custody, and parenting, and the division of property. Putting a comprehensive agreement into place early allows both parties to more easily move into the new phases of their lives while waiting for the divorce to be finalized by the court.

The family law lawyers at Mills & Mills LLP work closely with clients to negotiate and draft agreements that are customized to each family’s unique set of circumstances and that take into account the goals and interests of all parties.

Our lawyers also work to ensure the proper disclosure of all financial, business and real property assets and liabilities at the outset of negotiations. This is important to the process, as a primary reason that these agreements are overturned in court is owing to a failure to provide adequate financial disclosure.

In the event that there are complex business holdings or trust matters to navigate, our lawyers have significant experience in simplifying even the most complicated financial and business matters for their clients. If necessary, they also have the benefit of an entire firm skilled in business, finance and real estate matters at their disposal.

Terms of Separation Agreements

In Ontario, spouses can use a separation agreement to plan for several key considerations including, but not limited to:

  • Division of assets, including financial and business assets.
  • Child support, including the amount of special expenses, the schedule of payment, and the establishment of trusts.
  • Child custody and access, including the type of custody or frequency of access that each parent will have. These agreements can determine who will have input over key decisions in the child’s upbringing, such as education, health care and religious considerations.

If the parties involved do not easily reach an agreement on terms, our lawyers will mediate discussions or negotiate with the other party in an effort to draft an agreement that is amenable to everyone. It is our goal to simplify matters wherever we can in order to ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible for our clients.

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