Alternative Dispute Resolution – Negotiation, Mediation, Arbitration

Although sometimes litigation is necessary, it is not always the first or best choice for handling legal disputes. Many matters lend themselves to alternate forms of dispute resolution, which can be both less formal and more collaborative, saving time and money for all parties involved. Resolution may come by negotiation and settlement, mediation, arbitration or through a creative combination of these techniques.

Arbitration is a simplified version of a trial involving no discovery and simplified rules of evidence. Arbitrations proceed pursuant to the arbitration agreement between the parties and the decision is made by the arbitrator(s) selected by the parties.

Mediation is an even less formal alternative to litigation. Mediators are individuals trained in negotiation who bring opposing parties together and attempt to work out a settlement or agreement acceptable to both parties.

Toronto Alternative Dispute Resolution Lawyers

At Mills & Mills LLP, we recognize that no one wants to be involved in litigation. Our lawyers excel at assessing each client’s case and crafting strategies that employ alternative dispute resolution techniques to achieve the most expeditious, cost-effective and successful outcomes for our clients.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Lawyers

  • David P. Lees

    David P. Lees


    David served his articles with Mills & Mills LLP and joined the firm in 2001. David has a diverse civil litigation practice which encompasses employment and business law, estate litigation and adv...

    416-682-7159 | Email
  • Geoffrey R. Cobham

    Geoffrey R. Cobham


    Geoffrey's practice primarily encompasses civil litigation, employment law, estate administration and estate planning. His litigation practice is comprised of several areas, including wrongful dismis...

    416-682-7109 | Email
  • Richard Worsfold

    Richard Worsfold


    Richard is pleased to bring his over 30 years of litigation experience to Mills & Mills LLP. Richard’s practice includes a wide variety of complex matters, including Will challenges, sharehol...

    416-682-7113 | Email
  • Lauren Kason

    Lauren Kason


    Lauren Kason joined Mills & Mills LLP as an Associate in 2017. Her practice is focused on estate litigation. Lauren assists clients by providing them with comprehensive legal advice in a cost-effe...

    416-682-7063 | Email
  • Reshma Kishnani

    Reshma Kishnani


    Reshma earned her Bachelor of Public Affairs and Policy Management with a specialization in international relations and a minor in law from Carleton University in 2004 and graduated with her LL.B. fro...

    416-682-7062 | Email
  • Tara Vasdani

    Tara Vasdani


    Tara Vasdani is a Litigation Associate with Mills & Mills LLP. Tara joined the firm in 2018, after working as both a subrogation and employment litigator on Bay Street. She was calle...

    416-682-7077 | Email


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