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Have you hired somebody on or after May 20, 2015?  Did you remember to provide that new employee with a copy of the most recent poster published by the Ministry of Labour regarding employment standards?

Moreover, have you provided a copy of that poster to all of your existing employees?

If you did not, you are not alone.  The legislation giving rise to these requirements has caught many employers off guard.  Bill 18 requires employers to provide a copy of the poster to new and existing employees .  The good news is that employers do not need to provide a copy of the poster until 30 days after date of hire (in case of new employees hired on or after May 20, 2015). Existing employees do not need to receive a copy of the poster until June 19, 2015.

Other aspects of the new legislation relate to self-audits, which may be ordered by an employment standards officer.  In such an audit, an employment officer can force an employer to examine and report on its own records, practices, or both, to determine whether the employer is in compliance with one or more provisions of the Employment Standards Act, 2000 or its regulations.   Orders of compliance can result from such audits, and officers can order an inspection of the employer’s records, even if the employer reports full compliance.

For more information on what Bill 18 may mean for your business, please contact us.

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