With the aim of assisting lawyers and the general public navigate Ontario’s civil litigation system, Tanya Kuzman, an associate lawyer practicing in Mills & Mills LLPs’ Business and Litigation practice groups, has contributed to multiple chapters in Civil Procedure & Practice in Ontario. This free resource, currently available through CanLII, explains the Rules of Civil Procedure, the Courts of Justice Act, and the Limitations Act, and contains helpful commentary that contextualizes and explains the language of the legislation and regulations, along with examples of case law interpreting them.

The law exists in order to bring better justice into human relationships. It governs the decisions of judicial officials, but it is also meant to help people avoid and resolve disputes without the need for formal procedure. For the law to function in these ways, it must be accessible and intelligible to all those to whom it applies. Ideally, everyone should be able to learn, quickly and costlessly, how the law would apply to any set of facts. We are still a long way from realizing this ideal, but Civil Procedure & Practice in Ontario seeks to bring us a bit closer.”

– Dr. Noel Semple, Editor Civil Procedure & Practice in Ontario.

Edited by University of Windsor Faculty of Law Professor Noel Semple, Civil Procedure & Practice in Ontario has been written by a team of one hundred and twenty-five leading litigators and legal experts.

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