Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, thoughts turn to the approaching end of the year. Though still a ways off, a new year seems to arrive faster every time. If it was your firm resolution to finish (or start!) your estate planning this year you might be wondering if there is still time to do so. Rest assured that yes, you can still get your estate planning crossed off your 2019 To-Do list. At a minimum, you can get the ball rolling if not fully completed by the end of the year.

Most Plans Can Be Completed Quickly

A common question from clients is how long estate planning will take. There is no one-size answer for all clients. Estate planning is, as a mentor of mine often said, “the work of a lifetime done in four weeks or less”. Though a bit cheeky, the saying is often true. For many clients with uncomplicated estates who are looking to prepare or update a will and powers of attorney, it need not take more than a couple of weeks from a first meeting to signing the finished documents.

Some clients, of course, have more complex estates, or more intricate situations and plans for what is to happen with their estates. These may take more time. The key is that a plan should be right for the client. To be best suited for your needs, your plan must be afforded the time to be carefully considered, efficiently structured, and properly committed to paper. A rush job is of no benefit, as all too often, its deficiencies are only uncovered when it is too late to resolve them.

Get Started on Your Plan Today

So, whether you have been waiting for the right moment to begin or agonizing over getting it over with – there’s no time like the present, and there is still time in 2019!

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