The nature of family law matters is that they touch on a number of different areas of law. Separating from a partner often requires changing where you live, how you structure your finances, your future plans and your tax status. For parties who owned a business together, it may also mean the sale of the business.

Because of these changes, in addition to a family lawyer, separating parties will often require a real estate lawyer to handle the sale of the matrimonial home, an estates lawyer to advise on and draft a new will, a tax lawyer to ensure that the terms of their settlement do not result in unforeseen tax consequences and even a corporate lawyer to handle the transfer of one spouse’s interest in a business to the other.

Choosing a family lawyer in a full-service firm offering real estate, estates, corporate and tax services offers significant benefits. First, the lawyer is focused only on family law matters and has the experience and knowledge that comes with it. Second, he or she works closely with a team of lawyers equally specialized in the other areas in which clients often require assistance. Rather than the client having to locate, interview and retain another firm to handle the sale of the family home, another to draft a new Will and a third to advise on how the separation or settlement may affect their tax situation, the family lawyer can involve a team of trusted colleagues whose particular experience is the best fit for the client.

While there are certainly strategic benefits to a client’s family lawyer, real estate lawyer, estates lawyer and/or corporate lawyer working as a team to address their situation as a whole, there are also less obvious practical benefits to choosing a full-service firm. The family lawyer may be able to provide documents, background and information on the matter to his or her colleague in a quicker and more cost-effective manner. A question may be answered by a 5-minute discussion between colleagues rather than requiring more time-consuming and costly letters, meetings or phone calls between lawyers who do not have as easy access to one another. Lawyers in a full-service firm may be able to meet with or speak to the client at the same time, requiring fewer appointments or calls. Long-standing relationships build trust between lawyers that may reassure clients in difficult circumstances that they have a cohesive and capable team behind them.

At Mills & Mills LLP, we have a team of specialized real estate, estates, business, tax and litigation lawyers who work with our family lawyers to provide our clients with the advice, assistance and representation required to address the many issues that can arise from a separation. Please contact us at 416­-863-0125 or send us an email to learn more.

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