Maintaining a stable routine for your children can be difficult at the best of times. Making sure they get to school on time, make it to their soccer practice, or have time to play with their friends. Structuring your family’s life around these endless activities can feel overwhelming. Keeping track of who’s doing what becomes even more difficult when you’re going through a separation and co-parenting with a former partner. That’s why Canadian mom Lyne Petit developed Planiclik: an iPhone app that offers a streamlined system for organizing your life and your children’s lives with your former partner. According to Petit, Planiclik “will allow parents to have at hand all the important information about their family members where they are and thus saving them time, back and forth and avoiding conflicts”. Paniclik, and other apps like it, allow parents to keep their schedules and responsibilities coordinated and avoid using their children as messengers.

When parents sit down with their lawyers to come to an agreement on custody and access arrangments for their children, it often happens that minor disputes over unrelated things spill over into the negotiations, making the process more adversarial and difficult. By using apps like Planiclik to reduce conflicts wherever possible, divorcing spouses can focus on achieving the best possible legal outcome for their children and themselves.

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