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From November 16th to the 22nd, the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (“CIPO”) celebrated innovators during Global Entrepreneurship Week.  As part of this celebration, CIPO put out a video which explains what a trademark is and why you should register your trademark.

As outlined in the video and as has previously been written about on our blog, a trademark can be a valuable business asset that should be protected.  A trademark “represents your business identity and distinct brand” and distinguishes your goods and services from those of your competitors.   A trademark can be a word, slogan, logo, number, design, packaging, sound or any combination of these things.

Generally, the owner of a registered trademark has the exclusive right to use of such trademark in association with its goods and services everywhere in Canada for 15 years, after which time the registration is renewable.

To watch the video put out by CIPO, click here.

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