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Lawyers in the business law group at Mills & Mills LLP represent both established franchisors and franchisees across Canada. Franchise law involves many important considerations, and our lawyers have extensive experience overseeing franchise transactions, managing on-going business concerns, and representing our clients in litigation if necessary.

Franchisee Services

Purchasing a franchise of an existing company can be an excellent way to begin a business venture, as the company is already established and comes with a proven track record for success. However, this type of venture is not without risk or hidden pitfalls. The advice and negotiation skills of a trusted professional are invaluable to franchisees in order to ensure that their interests are protected and that their exposure to liability is minimized. Prior to signing, it is vitally important to conduct a thorough and detailed review of the franchise disclosure document and franchise agreement. Our lawyers work with clients to advise them of all of their rights and obligations under the contract, and will negotiate the terms with the franchisor where appropriate. Further, we will review financial statements, conduct searches to ensure franchisor viability, and we will represent our clients in litigation with the franchisor if necessary.

We will also assist with the creation of franchisee associations, entering into negotiations with the franchisor on behalf of our client, and representing the association’s interests in future matters.

Franchisor Services

Franchising an existing business can be an excellent, low-risk method for expansion. Our lawyers will assist both new and established franchisors with the preparation of franchise disclosure documents and franchise agreements that will protect their clients’ interests and limit their exposure to liability. We will also register personal property security interests in franchisees’ property, and engage our real estate professionals in order to prepare commercial leases. Further, our experienced and skilled commercial lawyers will assist with ongoing corporate and commercial matters, and represent our clients in litigation if necessary.

When a franchisor wishes to expand their business, we are able to assist in all aspects of expanding a franchise within Canada or internationally. We will advise and assist with respect to entry requirements, intellectual property searches and registrations, and privacy law compliance. Our team has the experience and the knowledge to oversee cross-border expansions and all related considerations and transactions from start to finish. Where legal assistance is required outside of Canada, we are able to access lawyers in jurisdictions around the world through our membership in the International Lawyers Group.

We advise clients on either side of the franchisee/franchisor relationship on an array of issues, including:

The terms of a franchise agreement will have long-lasting implications for all involved parties, and our clients are confident knowing that their interests will be protected by our team of dedicated professionals. They also appreciate the personal service we provide, and the fact that they can reach their lawyer easily whenever they have questions or concerns.

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Franchise Law Lawyers

  • David A.S. Mills

    David A.S. Mills

    Managing Partner

    David is proud to represent the fourth generation of Mills to practice at the firm. He is a great-grandson of Alexander Mills, K.C., one of the founders, grandson of Ralph S. Mills, Q.C., and a son of...

    416-682-7138 | Email
  • Denise E. Robertson

    Denise E. Robertson


    Denise joined Mills & Mills LLP in 2005. Denise's practice is focused on private business, corporate and regulatory law. Denise assists business owners through providing practical and valuable leg...

    416-682-7139 | Email
  • Heather Keachie

    Heather Keachie


    Heather practices in the areas of charity and not-for-profit law and 416-682-7130 | Email

  • Michelle J. Santarossa

    Michelle J. Santarossa


    Michelle is an experienced corporate/commercial lawyer having practiced both in private practice and in-house.  She was called to the Ontario bar in 1999 and also holds a Master of Laws degree in Bus...

    416-682-7069 | Email


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