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Family Law Group Chair Leanne Townsend is the proud host of Divorcing Well, a podcast focused on sharing legal and other helpful information for those who are going through separation and divorce, and The Dish on Divorce, a YouTube show where she chats all things divorce with Mediator Jennifer Barkin.

Here’s what you might have missed from the past month:

Divorcing Well Podcast

Finding The Courage To Leave Your Marriage with Tiffany Fambro

In this week’s episode of Divorcing Well, Leanne was joined by women’s empowerment coach, Tiffany Fambro, and they discussed how to get the courage to safely leave a marriage. Tiffany emphasized the importance of a safety plan, particularly in an abusive relationship. We talked about strategies and suggestions for those who are ready to leave the relationship, and also those who are not.

Strategies To Optimize Your Online Dating Experience With Melanie Hersch

In this week’s episode of Divorcing Well, Leanne chatted with psychotherapist turned dating coach, Melanie Hersch, about how to optimize your online dating experience.

Those of us who are single have most likely tried online dating and know how terrible it can be sometimes.

Between people lying on their profiles, ghosting you, dating 6 people at once and the many other horrors, online dating can be a challenging experience.

The reality is though that in 2021, it can still be a great way to meet people.

Melanie provided some fantastic tips and will show you that you shouldn’t give up hope.

Advice For the Divorced Entrepreneur With Taras Kulish

In this week’s episode of Divorcing Well, Leanne was joined by her colleague, Taras Kulish, who is a business and trademark lawyer at Mills and Mills LLP.

Taras started by sharing his mother’s story of divorce, the lessons she learned and how she used these lessons to become an entrepreneur in her post divorce life.

Taras then provided some business and trademark advice for new entrepreneurs who like his mother, have goals of entrepreneurship following their divorce.

Reinventing Yourself After Divorce With Simona Ksoll

In this week’s edition of Divorcing Well, Leanne was joined by Simona Ksoll, a life coach who helps clients design their dream lives and reinvent themselves after a divorce.

Simona is living a dream life herself living in Playa del Carmen.

She encourages her clients to dream big and works with them to dismantle their limiting beliefs and lead a post divorce life that is everything they have dreamed about.

Mom On A Mission With Carla Paiva

In this week’s episode of Divorcing Well, Leanne chatted with one of her favourite guests, Carla Paiva.

Carla shares her story of resilience, perseverance and triumph. She described how she immigrated to Canada in her teens and had to learn to speak English while juggling 4 part-time jobs and completing highschool.

She got married and had a painful divorce and had to start over. She was a mom on a mission wearing 3 hats: fulltime employee, fulltime student and fulltime single mom. She graduated as a certified paralegal, a coach practitioner, a certified immigration consultant, Reiki Master, Author, model and the recipient of numerous awards.

Carla provides a great example not only to her children but to all of us that being a single mom doesn’t have to be a limitation on achieving our goals.

You won’t want to miss Carla’s inspiring story.

The Dish on Divorce

Divorce, Healing, & Dating with Peta Dworetsky

Family lawyer, Leanne Townsend, and mediator, Jennifer Barkin, chatted with Peta Dworetsky, who shared her own story of divorce as a mother of two young children. She discussed all of the challenges that came with this stage of her life, and how she was able to successfully overcome them with the help and support she received from her family. They also talked about dating after divorce, and the difficulties that often arise when there are children in the picture.

Alcoholism and Divorce with Robert Laidlaw

Family lawyer, Leanne Townsend, and mediator, Jennifer Barkin, chatted with Canadian musician Robert Laidlaw. He has played in several bands over his years of being a musician, including Honeymoon Suite, Platinum Blonde, and Helix. Rob’s own divorce was a result of his alcoholism at the time, and now being 6 years sober, he is an active member of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous). In this episode, they discussed the situations that can lead to alcoholism, resources and tips to move towards sobriety, and advice for those with a friend or family member who is currently dealing with this issue.

Maintaining Healthy Masculine and Feminine Energy with Dr. Renee

In this episode of The Dish on Divorce, Leanne Townsend and Jennifer Barkin chatted with Dr. Renee — who works to bridge the gap between science and spirituality — about masculine and feminine energy. They discussed the difference between the two, and how to keep them balanced and healthy, especially during challenging times such as the COVID-19 pandemic or divorce.

Divorcing a Narcissist

Family lawyer, Leanne Townsend, and mediator, Jennifer Barkin, discussed divorcing a narcissist in this episode. They chatted about how best to deal with individuals with narcissistic tendencies in mediation and in law, and the complications that may arise. They emphasized the importance of setting clear boundaries when dealing with these types of individuals to avoid any unnecessary conflict.

Going from Not to Hot After Divorce

In this episode, family lawyer, Leanne Townsend, and mediator, Jennifer Barkin, chatted about how to go from not to hot after divorce. Often, when individuals leave a marriage, their self-esteem can be quite low, making it hard for them to feel truly happy about themselves. Leanne and Jennifer talked about habits and strategies one can implement to regain confidence, including working out, getting plastic surgery, or simply having a makeover.

Separation Mortgages with John Panagakos

Mediator Jennifer Barkin was joined by John Panagakos, who is a mortgage agent working specifically on separation and divorce cases. He discussed separation agreements and mortgages, and the myths that surround them in the field of family law. John also spoke about his role as a mortgage agent, the most common mistakes clients make, and how he works to successfully help them through this by empowering and educating them.

Successful Co-Parenting with Jennifer Aternino

Family mediator Jennifer Aternino chatted with Jennifer Barkin about successful co-parenting on this episode of The Dish on Divorce. Through her company, My Children and Me, Jennifer teaches parents how to be better co-parents through the difficult time of divorce, and more recently, during COVID-19. She provides parents with the tools necessary to put their children first and face forward to make goals for their future while letting go of hurt and resentment.

CHIP Reverse Mortgages with Jenny Bartlett

Mediator Jennifer Barkin is joined by Jenny Bartlett, who works for Home Equity Bank, a company that offers the CHIP Reverse Mortgage, which is a product for homeowners age 55+. They chatted about the different cases that Jenny sees, and how she works to best support her clients in whatever specific situation they may be in. She spoke about how reverse mortgages work and answers some common questions that clients have about this product.

“Anti-Gratitude” Divorce Coaching with Bonnie Duarte

Divorce recovery coach Bonnie Duarte joined mediator Jennifer Barkin in this episode of The Dish on Divorce. Bonny considers herself an “anti-gratitude coach” and she spoke about why she decided to take on this approach with her clients. She discussed why she believes her non-traditional approach works better in comparison to the standard coaching methods, which can be unhealthy and invalidating for clients as their emotions are often suppressed.

Family Law and Child Development with Emmie Dekort

Mediator Jennifer Barkin chatted with Emmie Dekort, whose work is centred around the connection between family law and child development. Emmie emphasized the importance of involving children’s voices in family law cases, and the challenges that can arise regarding parental decisions and the age of the children. Through her research, Emmie has noticed gaps in knowledge about these topics and now works to educate others on how we can effectively fill these gaps.

Grey Divorces with Eva Sachs

Mediator Jennifer Barkin chatted with Eva Sachs, who is a certified financial planner and a chartered divorce financial specialist. They chatted about grey divorce, which is a term used to label people considering divorce after a long-term marriage. Eva mentioned that grey divorces are usually far less high-conflict than short-term ones, and notes the many differences that come with this type of divorce.

Financial Advisement and Empowerment for Women with Maja Bekic

Maja Bekic’s company, Redline Wealth Management, specializes in helping women navigate the financial aspect of divorce, allowing them to be more financially stable and confident. She joined Jennifer Barkin in this episode of The Dish on Divorce to discuss how her work financially empowers women in particular, and how the empathy that she feels as a divorcee herself aids her in this field of work. She discussed financial policies, money management plans, and investments, all of which are essential aspects of maintaining financial stability.

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