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Family Law Group
 Chair Leanne Townsend is the proud host of Divorcing Well, a podcast focused on sharing legal and other helpful information for those who are going through separation and divorce, and The Dish on Divorce, a YouTube show where she chats all things divorce with Mediator Jennifer Barkin.

Here’s what you might have missed from the past month:

Divorcing Well Podcast

Disengaging with an Angry Ex with Heather Tannenbaum

Leanne chatted with certified divorce coach Heather Tannenbaum about the topic of disengaging with an angry ex. Heather gave insightful advice to listeners to help them learn how to emotionally disengage when dealing with aggression from an ex-husband or ex-wife to minimize the emotional effect their actions have. 

How to Be a Self Represented Litigant with Stephanie Plante

Leanne spoke to Stephanie Plante, who has been a self-represented litigant herself since 2018. Stephanie shared stories of her own experiences that shed light on the difficulties that come with being a self-rep, but she also revealed just how rewarding and financially beneficial it can be.  

Prenuptial Agreements with Stefani Quane

Leanne interviewed Stefani Quane, a fellow family and divorce lawyer of 32 years, who focuses primarily on out-of-court, collaborative, holistic resolutions. They spoke about how prenuptial agreements are ultimately the first step towards a good, holistic divorce. While often seen as “unromantic,” Stefani discussed how this agreement ensures that couples are able to effectively plan their economic future together. 

The Dish on Divorce

Business Valuations with Ryan Bensen

Leanne Townsend, and mediator, Jennifer Barkin, chatted with forensic account Ryan Bensen to discuss business valuations and valuations for income support, which is a topic that comes up often in divorce cases. They spoke about bias in this field of work, difficulties that come with the job, and tips to recognize any suspicious financial moves from the opposing party.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Divorce with Ida Mirzadeh

Leanne and Jennifer were joined by family law lawyer Ida Mirzadeh. They chatted about the do’s and don’t of divorce. They discussed what steps need to be taken to ensure the process goes as smoothly and conflict-free as possible, including how to make sure children remain happy and cared for through effective co-parenting.

Real Estate & Purchasing a Home with Christine Denty

Leanne Townsend and Jennifer Barkin are joined by Christine Denty, a real estate agent working specifically with women. They chatted about the process of buying a house, and how to work around the challenges that come with it, particularly in this day and age.

Respecting & Loving Your Body with Kim Basler

Leanne Townsend and Jennifer Barkin chatted with Kim Basler, a food freedom and mindset coach. She spoke about how to get free of the mindset of equating your self-worth to the number on the scale and offers many strategies to learn to respect and love your body. When parties go through stressful events such as divorce they often use food as a comfort or coping mechanism. Kim provided great advice on the importance of understanding why you are seeking emotional comfort in food and why you need to be gentle and loving with yourself if you are doing so.

Support for Single Mothers with Esther Halevi

Leanne Townsend and Jennifer Barkin were joined by powerhouse, Esther Halevi, who works with the homeless, refugees, abused women, and in the criminal justice system to help individuals with their mental health. She shared information about the support group she started in 2016, called Single Mothers in Toronto, as well as resources and tips for women who are in abusive relationships.

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