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Family Law Group Chair Leanne Townsend is the proud host of Divorcing Well, a podcast focused on sharing legal and other helpful information for those who are going through separation and divorce, and The Dish on Divorce, a YouTube show where she chats all things divorce with Mediator Jennifer Barkin.

Here’s what you might have missed from the past month:

Divorcing Well Podcast

A Happier Life after Divorce with Kelly Kubas

Kelly Kubas, a life and divorce coach, joined the show to share her story on how she dealt with her divorce and the steps she took for a happier life.

My Divorce Story with Christine Knott

Leanne chatted with Christine Knott who shared her inspiring story of resiliency through divorce, the challenges she went through after an abusive relationship, and how she was able to rebuild her life.    

Divorce, Remarriage and Blended Families with Steve Kee–Remarriage-and-Blended-Families-with-Steve-Kee-euquvb

Leanne interviewed Steve Kee, a multi-award winning strategic communications executive who is also divorced and remarried. Steve provided a males perspective on divorce, remarriage and blended families.  

Putting Your Children First with Deborah Capaccio

Leanne chatted with Deborah Capaccio who shared her story of marriage, divorce, remarriage and having to make the extremely difficult decision to agree to having her son live across the country with his Dad because that was what was best for him at that time.  

The Dish on Divorce

Divorce & the Matrimonial Home with Robert Barkin

Leanne and Jennifer chatted with realtor Robert Barkin about the important things that divorcing couples should know about selling the matrimonial home.

Real Housewives Divorces & Amendments to Canada’s Divorce Act

Leanne and Jennifer chatted about the divorce rate amongst the Real Housewives and some of their more famous divorces. More importantly, they also discuss the new amendments to Canada’s Divorce Act including the new definition of domestic violence and the removal of custody and access from divorce terminology.

High Conflict Divorce with Stacey Mendelson

Leanne and Jennifer chatted with high conflict divorce coach, Stacey Mendelson, about strategies for couples who find themselves in a high conflict divorce.

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