Judge Rules Member Addresses Includes Email Addresses

Toronto jazz radio station Jazz.FM 91 was recently before Justice Dunphy of the Ontario Superior Court on a narrow but interesting issue: does the Corporations Act, S.O. 1990, c. C.38 (the “Act”) require an organization to disclose the email addresses and phone numbers of its members? Subsection 300(1) of the Act requires that corporations, including corporations…

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CHARITIES EDUCATION PROGRAM (CEP) About six months ago, the Charities Directorate launched a new compliance program for registered charities, called the Charities Education Program or CEP. A CEP will involve an in-person visit from a Charities Education Officer at the charity’s office and will include a review of the purposes, activities, and books and records.…

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We have a couple of updates from Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), Charities Directorate, that will be of interest to registered charities in Canada. CRA’S NEW WEBSITE ADDRESS As many will know, the CRA (along with the entire Government of Canada), has moved – website address, that is!  All the Government of Canada’s online presence has…

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Ontario Business Name Registration for Not-for-Profit Corporations

Not-for-profit organizations that are incorporated under either provincial or federal legislation must register a business name if they operate under a name that is different than their legal name. Businesses are often familiar with this requirement, but not all not-for-profit boards understand that, as a corporation, they too are subject the Business Names Act (Ontario).…

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When Good Things Come to an End

It may not be glamourous or exciting work, but when it comes time to wind up and dissolve a charity or not-for-profit corporation, it is worth doing right. Regardless of the reason for discontinuing the work of an organization, there are a number of important steps that leaders of the organization should undertake to avoid…

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