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What is a Case Conference?

In a previous post, I discussed how family court proceedings can be complex and confusing. There are many steps in the process, which may need to be explained to the parties. One of these questions may be: What is a case conference? A case conference is the first opportunity for the parties to discuss the matter in front of a judge. The parties and their lawyers will need to attend the case conference. In a family court proceeding, at least one case conference must take place, if the respondent files an Answer.

The purpose of a case conferenceA case conference is a very important step toward resolving the dispute before it reaches a trial. A number of things can be achieved at a case conference, including:- Identifying the issues that are in dispute and those that are not in dispute;- Exploring ways to resolve the issues or to settle the whole matter;- Ensuring that both parties exchange all relevant information and documents;- Organizing another case conference, or agreeing on the next step in the case; and- Asking the judge to make a temporary or final order.Forms required for a case conferenceThe following documents will need to be filed for a case conference:- A Conference Notice- A Case Conference Brief- A copy of the Table of Contents from the Continuing Record- A Confirmation of Attendance- An Affidavit of Service- If the case involves a claim for support, an up-to-date Financial Statement must also be included

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